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Surveying Equipment For Sale

Topcon GB-500
Topcon GB-500 GNSS GPS Glonass Survey Receiver

Surveying prism
Surveying prism bags

Sokkia Set
Sokkia Set 5X Total Station, Reflectorless, Bluetooth, Used, Great condition

Trimble Ranger
Trimble Ranger Data Collector. BlueTooth, WiFi TSC2

Trimble Ranger
Trimble Ranger Data Collector. Survey Pro 6.1 w/Pro, Robotics, GNSS. TSC2

Trimble TSC2
Trimble TSC2 TDS Ranger 500 Survey Data Collector GNSS Robotics Bluetooth Pro

Trimble S6
Trimble S6 DR300+ 3" Total Station with 2.4GHZ TSC2 Trimble Survey Controller

David White
David White Level-Transit Tripod Adapter for Surveying Construction NW-NAP38

Leica TCA
Leica TCA 1100 Total Station Surveying, Construction 

AdirPro Flat
AdirPro Flat Head Aluminum Tripod, Survey, Contractor, Laser, Auto level

Trimble S6
Trimble S6 DR 300+ Robotic Total Station TSC2 Data Collector Survey


Leica TCA1100L
Leica TCA1100L, Ranger Survey Pro Data Collector, 3" Auto Total Station

Trimble TSC2
Trimble TSC2 TDS Ranger Data Collector (Keyboard Hard)

Trimble Spectra
Trimble Spectra Precision Focus 30 3" Robotic Total Station, Nomad Survey Pro

Berger Instruments
Berger Instruments Model 200B Speed-A-Liner Transit Level with Case

Trimble R6
Trimble R6 Rover GNSS Receiver w/ 450-470 MHz Internal Radio for GPS Survey, R8

AdirPro Telescopic
AdirPro Telescopic 16' Contractor Grade Leveling Rod -Tenths 10th, Surveying

Topcon GTS
Topcon GTS  300 Total Station with spare  prism included

Trimble Spectra
Trimble Spectra Precision Focus 30 3" Robotic Total Station, Ranger 3 Survey Pro

Hemisphere GNSS
Hemisphere GNSS XF1 Data Collector with built-in GPS

Leica RCS1100
Leica RCS1100 antenna extension kit and Leica Radio modem TCPS26B spare antenna

Trimble S6
Trimble S6 DR300+ 3" Robotic Total Station, TSC2 Survey Controller, 360° Prism

TopCon DT-20B
TopCon DT-20B Digital Theodolite

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