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Surveying Equipment For Sale

TOPCON 3" Total Station GPT-3003W - Bluetooth - Reflectorless 8/B13757A

Trimble Recon
Trimble Recon Data Collector- Survey Pro Demo Installed

Genuine LEICA
Genuine LEICA GRZ4 360° Degree Robotic Total Station Prism, Made in Switzerland

Sokkia Digital
Sokkia Digital Level SDL30

TDS Ranger
TDS Ranger Data Collector W/ Survey Pro Gps Gnss

Trimble TSC2
Trimble TSC2 TDS Ranger 500 Survey Data Collector GNSS Robotics Bluetooth Pro

Nikon DTM
Nikon DTM 322+5" Total Station


Sokkia dt610
Sokkia dt610 surveying equipment used

Topcon GRS-1
Topcon GRS-1 GNSS Receiver



Trimble TSC2
Trimble TSC2 Data Collector BlueTooth, WiFi, Access 2011.00 w/Roads. 7 Available

Topcon FC-100
Topcon FC-100 Data Collector

Trimble GPS
Trimble GPS Receiver 4700 W/internal radio surveying TSC1 TSCE RTK 450-460 MHz

DeWalt DW088K
DeWalt DW088K Self Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Cross Line Laser Level - NEW !!!

TDS Recon
TDS Recon 200 Data Collector with Survey Pro v4.1.2 *USED*

Leica TCRP1205
Leica TCRP1205+ R400 5" Robotic Reflectorless Survey Total Station 8/B13757B

Pair Trimble
Pair Trimble 5800 450-470MHz, TSC2 Survey Controller. Complete RTK Package

Trimble TSC2
Trimble TSC2 or TDS Controller Survey Controller Data Collector

Nikon Total
Nikon Total Station DTM-A20LG surveying equipment

Trimble R8
Trimble R8/R7/HPB450/TSC2 Survey Controller 12.50. Complete GPS RTK Package.

AdirPro Thumb
AdirPro Thumb Release Surveying Red Prism Pole Tripod, Total Station,GPS,Topcon


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