Transit Level

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Transit Level For Sale

AdirPro 22X
AdirPro 22X Yellow Speed Line Non-Strip Focus Knob Steel Transit Level Package

BERGER INSTRUMENTS #135 Surveying Transit Level & 60-ALQC120 Tripod



Sears Craftsman
Sears Craftsman Transit Level Kit Surveying System with Tripod & Grade Rod Stick

Antique Vintage
Antique Vintage Brass Craftsman Transit Level site scope surveyor MAKE OFFER !!!

Vintage David
Vintage David White Transit Level In Wood Case Model 8014

David White
David White Instruments Realist Meridian L6-20 Transit Sight Level

Tripod Adapter
Tripod Adapter for David White Level-Transit Berger NWT010

Vintage Berger
Vintage Berger Model 190a Transit Level site scope MAKE OFFER

David White
David White LT6-900 Meridian 22X Optical Level Transit 200ft Horizontal Lock

Aluminum Tripod
Aluminum Tripod & 9' Rod Inches Package Construction, Auto Level, Transit, Laser

Berger Instruments
Berger Instruments Transit-Level Model 135 W/Carry Case

Vintage Berger
Vintage Berger Model 190A Transit Level

Aluminum Tripod
Aluminum Tripod & 9' Rod (10th) Package Construction, Auto Level Transit, Laser

David White
David White Transit Level Meridian LT6-900  Model 8834, 20X Optical w/ case USA

Nikon AP-2
Nikon AP-2 Automatic Builders Level Transit Auto Level 360 Degrees Circle


David White
David White Transit Level Surveying Model 8092

David White
David White al8-26 transit level with case

Leica NA730
Leica NA730 Transit Level

Early Builders
Early Builders Transit Level

Vintage E
Vintage E.R. Watts & Son London Survey Transit Level W/ Box Case MS40


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